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Modesty-behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency.

A lot of times I hear people say, I want to look like............" " from Love n Hip Hop or I want a dress like........." " from Real Housewives. I loathe hearing these statements. Partly because mimicking someone else's style is not the job of a stylist. Our job is to bring out the style that fits YOUR personality, lifestyle and image.

Modesty is really not a word that has been buzzing in the fashion industry lately, but Sonita's Designs is making sure this form of style is not lost. I want encourage women who dress modest that you can still keep up with the latest trend and display modesty simultaneously! Don't get me wrong some people like to show some skin, I understand that completely, but the key is knowing how much skin to show to stay in the realm of classy and not cross over to trashy. We want to move away from the attitude that anything goes......... because it doesn't!

Here are a few helpful tips!

1. If you are going to show skin, pick what area you are going highlight. If you are going to highlight leg, every other part of your body should be covered. If you are highlighting your shoulders, your legs should be covered.

2. The length of your skirt is based on your height. According to the most visually appealing skirt length shows 50% skirt and 50% leg.

3. I know some like to wear the belly out, if so your full belly should not be visible.Your belly button should never be exposed. Keep the look subtle. I suggest 2" between the shirt and skirt (or pant ).

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