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This month's featured stylist is Lakisha Pattin, President, Senior Fashion Stylist and owner of Focused Fashion Consulting, LLC. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Lakisha during the dynamic workshop she created "Your Beauty in Christ". I was so blessed by the workshop. The workshop consisted of knowledgeable experts in their field ranging from styling advice, hair care, counseling, finanical literacy and so much more! The workshop was empowering, inspirational and informative. I am looking forward to supporting Lakisha's next venture!

Lakisha Pattin,President/Senior Fashion Stylist , Focused Fashion Consulting,LLC, (470)333-8812

How did you begin your styling career?

I've always had an interest for fashion as early as five years old. I would give my mother the hardest time with getting dressed for school because I always wanted to pick out my own clothes. I can still see the look on her face when I would wake up before her, get dressed, and rush out and walk to school! She would always catch me before I arrived at the school doors and with the biggest smile on her face and would ask, "you just had to pick out your own clothes, didn't you?" I would laugh and say, "Yep, I like my clothes". Her encouragement allowed room for creative development even as a child. From middle school to college, I always found myself drawn to clothing, wanting to look nice, and wanting other people to look nice as well. It Wasn't until late 2007, that I begin officially freelancing as a fashion stylist. From attending networking events to volunteering my services at fashion shows, that really helped me to build a rapport in the fashion community and build strategic relationships. From there, I was able to become a partner with Pittsburgh fashion week, awarded fashion stylist of the year, fashion segments on the local news, and participate in fashion events in DC Las Vegas and much more. I truly believe that it is a gift from God to do what I am doing. I'm blessed to do what I love for living.

How long have you been styling?

About 9yrs.

What were the challenges you faced in creating your company, and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge with creating my company was finding my niche, staying abreast with all the changing trends, and most importantly staying true to myself Amongst competition. I overcame those challenges by having a good support system, hard work and tenacity, and prayer.

What was the inspiration behind the workshop you created,“Your Beauty in Christ”?

As a young girl, I struggled with low self-esteem up until high school. Peer pressure is so fierce in school and it can put a huge impact on your self-esteem ,your image, and how you look at yourself. The standard that is set through societal images leaves young girls to constantly question if they'll ever be good enough. These images that are saturated in the media are unrealistic. As a Christian woman, I am constantly faced with the decision of going with what is popular vs going with what I know is right. I had to search within myself and trust the foundation that I grew up on as a Christian and realize it doesn't matter what the magazine, television shows or the videos display, I am a child of God and I am created exactly how I was supposed to be. The more I began to celebrate that, the stronger my sense of confidence became because I know my beauty isn't about my outer appearance it's about having substance and good character. The workshop I created covered so many facets of who we are as women and so many things that make us the complete woman from the inside out. From being a leader, managing finances, maintaining our health, being in ministry, and being a businesswoman there are so many things that shows are real beauty. Knowing that I am not alone in this journey, made me want to encourage and share with other women how our real beauty is not in what we possess but it is found in our relationship with God.

Who is your support system?

God, family, and a few close friends

What is your motivation to continue styling?

To see people realize their beauty and find the personal style always puts the biggest smile on my face. Although the clothes maybe very well put together and they may have great style, it is the confidence that they gain doing the process that is most rewarding to me.

What was the highlight of your styling career in 2015?

Highlight of my styling career in 2015 was finally stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing past my fears, failures and setbacks. Because of that, I have done more fashion events in other cities as well as finally starting the process to launch my Shoetique this spring!

What advice would you give other stylist in the business?

Stay true to yourself and find your niche! I honestly can't stress that enough. You will have people who are more talented, educated, attractive, but at the end of the day they are not you . The fashion industry is full of so many people who don't know who they are and constantly change their Personna every time there's a new fad or trend. Sticking to your guns, having vision, working hard, and staying true to yourself is the best recipe for success in this industry.

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