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Sonita's Date Night Styling Tips

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Well it's that time of year again! Valentine's Day! Before you head out on your date or special event I want to give you some key tips on how to create a polished look. As a stylist I stress to my clients that there is so much more to putting a look together than just selecting an outfit or pieces you like. It doesn't matter what type of style whether classic, arty, chic, goth or bohemian. Your look should be polished and complete. You never want to go the cheap route when your are celebrating a special night or event. This is the time to splurge! So let's go through a couple of key tips to prepare you for your night out on the town!

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If you are going to show skin, pick what area you are going highlight. If you are going to highlight leg, every other part of your body should be covered. If you are highlighting your shoulders, your legs should be covered.


The key to a shapely polished fit is knowimg the stretch or give in your material. The most common formula for a soft but formfitting Tee 95% cotton, 5% Lycra spandex. For form fit jeans to hold their shape, they need at least 2% Lycra.


Hems should drape the top of your shoes and be from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches from the floor.


Find pieces that fit your body type and silhouette. For example if you have a pear shape you will look great in A line pieces (skirts, dresses). If you have a column shape wearing wrap dresses (or shirts) will create illusion of a waist line.


The proper undergarment is key to your date night outfit. Deciding what to wear under your outfit can be quit confusing, I simply base it on what section of the body I need to smooth out. For most it is the mid section. A high waist spanx is perfect.


Accessories can be tricky when selecting an outfit...when I am choosing accessories for my clients I don't ask what outfit they are wearing.......(to find out more book your appointment at

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