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Hi Jewels! Hope your are having a wonderful and amazing week! This weeks blog piece is all about the Little Black Dress!

Not sure if any of you caught the ESPY Awards, and I must admit I don't really cover the fashion at the ESPY's but the show caught my attention when Former First Lady Michelle Obama graced the stage to present. She never ceases to amaze me with her exquisite and classy style! During Michelle Obama tenure as First Lady of the United States, she undoubtedly changed the game in White House Fashion. She is the most stylish First Lady we have seen since Jackie Onassis.

Michelle is wearing Cushnie et Ochs, one of her favorite designers. Let just say she has officially brought back the Little Black Dress!

The Little Black Dress has been a staple in fashion as early as 1926 when Coco Chanel debuted her version in American Vouge. Coco Chanel made a statement disassociating the black dress from funerals and mourning to an elegant and classy look for rich socialites. She set the tone for informal womens wear. Using her own boyish figure Chanel embraced a less constricted approach in creating apparel. She wanted women to feel comfortable in her clothing without losing the elegant component.

The little black dress has evolved into strapless, distinct lines, and textured fabrics and not so little any more.

The little black dress is absolutely flawless on any body type, though I must stress the the silhouette and style (structure) of the dress must fit the body type.

Three key things to remember when picking out your very own Little Black Dress

1. The fabric blend. The most popular fabric blend is 95% Polyester 5% Spandex. Polyester is a strong and durable man-made fiber, it is wrinkle-resistant, can be washed without requiring dry cleaning, and dries quickly - but stains don't remove easily. Polyester blend is extremely flexible and smooth out any lumps.

2. Silhouette and cut. You must know your body type in order to choose the proper silhouette of the dress. For example if your body type is a Column Shape, you will look great in a wrap dress which accentuates your upper body to give you a waist line.

3. Length. One inch above the knee is the most common, it keeps the look classy. If you decide to go any higher, keep this in mind; the more leg you show the less you show at the top. Length is also base on your age as well.

I use these tips when picking out dresses for my boutique and clients. In my opinion, "The Little Black Dress" will continue to be a staple in the world of fashion. As CoCo Chanel laid the foundation in cultivating and revamping the Little Black Dress. I hope that those of us who are working in the fashion industry maintain the level of class, elegance as this icon has.

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