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Hi Jewels!

This month we are featuring Patrice McKenzie creator and founder of Thrift Out Loud. I had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Patrice during a photoshoot for her blog piece in 2017. I was impressed with her professionalism and her unique eye for thrift pieces. She mixes patterns and prints unlike anyone I have seen in thrifting. Patrice adds a modern twist on vintage looks. Her looks are polished, classy, and modest. Her contribution to fashion transcends generations.

Patrice created Thrift Out Loud because she believes every woman deserves to look their best regardless of their financial status. She offers a variety of services to educate women on fashion and budgeting.

In addition, she host fun fashion-forward events for women that support nonprofits that align with her mission. Patrice's mission is “to help women shop for stylish threads and save money; all while on a budget, because every woman deserves to look her best and feel her best.”

What inspired you to begin Thrift Out Loud?

I started Thrift Out Loud because I wanted to share my thrift and affordable finds with family and friends. Shopping on a budget was fun for me and I wanted to share with others how to shop on a budget too. The thrill of finding clothes for $1 , $3 and $5 dollars is so exciting. I want everyone to experience this too.

What were the challenges you faced in creating Thrift Out Loud, and how did you overcome them?

The challenge I had creating Thrift Out Loud as a blog was posting and creating content regularly. Typically bloggers and influencers create content daily. I was in graduate school, working full time and involved in various non profits in the city. It was difficult to consistently make content. I used to feel bad for not making the time. Once I decided to do what I can and trust God with the rest I felt more at peace. In return, I was blessed with great opportunities for my blog without having to post daily.

What was the highlight of your career as founder of Thrift Out Loud?

My highlight so far is getting the opportunity to partner with different non profits to help with their sales campaigns. I was given the opportunity to be featured on Pittsburgh Today Live for Thriftiques Designer Days sale. I also had the opportunity to be on a commercial for Goodwill to promote their halloween sale.

Who is your support system?

My support system are my friends, family, retail partners and followers.

What are the top 3 tips you would give a person who wants to begin thrifting?

The three tips I would give a novice thrifter are -

1.Thrift stores have great finds, but you will have to search. Designate time to explore the store.

2.Search for unique pieces that express your personal style.

3.Thrift home decor, like frames, pictures or even furniture because they are typical very affordable.

Your favorite quote.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. - Coco Chanel

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Photography by Lindsay Garvin

4229 Northern Pike , Monroeville, PA 15146

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